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The Parish of my Heart.....

Have you ever been to a place, such a magical place, that when you get there, you know that it is where you wanted to be for the rest of your life?  Then you will have been to the parish of Greasley in Nottinghamshire...


Greasley was originally the largest parish in the county, containing the hamlets of Kimberley, Brinsley, Moor Green, Newthorpe, Watnall Chaworth, Watnall Cantelupe and Hempshill (a small hamlet containing 50 acres of land, though seperated from the rest by Nuthall and Bulwell).

Growing populations and changing parish boundaries have long since altered its make-up and it now consists of  Moorgreen, Watnall, Newthorpe, Giltbrook and Beauvale.  The land is mainly rural with a mixture of large open fields and small strips left over from medieval farming, interwoven with trickling brooks, fed by natural springs, ancient hedgerows and a multitude of copses and woodland.  There is an ambience of glorious colour; from the rustic oak to the calm and relaxing shades of the bluebells that lend their name to land around.  There are no large towns situated here, the living areas are barely more than the hamlets of old, long forgotten by time, but remembered forever in the hearts of the people that visit.

The area of Greasley is of great historical importance due to its priory and castle.  The Beauvale Priory, a Carthusian Monastery was built in 1343 and the first to fall under Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries in 1535.  Greasley Castle was an ancient fortified manor house owned by the patron of the monastery, Nicholas de Cantilupe, he was a good friend of King Edward III and it is said that Kings and Bishops graced Greasley during his lifetime.



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